Galaxy S eco-friendly packaging: A sustainable future

Samsung wants to make everyday life as fun and pleasant as possible with innovative products and services. But not at all costs. They ensure that their innovations use natural resources sparingly and thus protect the earth for future generations.

What is known?

Guided by three design principles – reduce, replace and recycle – Samsung is trying to make its packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. You can see this development very well in the packaging of the Galaxy S series.

From the amount of the materials used to the materials used themselves. The constant development and implementation of sustainable systems is the foundation of today’s environmentally friendly packaging.

Galaxy S eco-friendly packaging: Steps to eco-friendly packaging from the Galaxy S7 to the Galaxy S21

Since the release of the Galaxy S7 in 2016, Samsung has developed increasingly environmentally friendly packaging with each new generation of the Galaxy S series.

The Galaxy S21 packaging contains only 4% of the plastic used in the packaging of the Galaxy S7, while the total waste production per packaging unit has been reduced by 49%.

Galaxy S21 also uses 58% less paper in its packaging, saving 44,802 trees per year. All modifications have resulted in the development of Galaxy S21 packaging that released 50% less carbon compared to the Galaxy S7.

Before the release of the Galaxy S8, extensive research is gone into environmentally friendly materials and applied to the packaging.

The Galaxy S8 packaging no longer included a magnet and plastic box for the earbuds, while we switched to a paper-based material for the plastic accessory tray.

Galaxy S eco-friendly packaging 1-1024x372

The development towards more durability continued with the release of the Galaxy S9. In the smartphone packaging, they replaced plastic with cardboard, which could then be upcycled again.

Galaxy S eco-friendly packaging 2-1024x372

Environmentally friendly developments continue unabated with the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20. For example, they replaced plastic with paper to keep the various accessories together, while the packaging itself was greatly simplified. Several separate trays were integrated into one bowl, which resulted in a large reduction in material use.

They also said goodbye to the unnecessary protective covers of the charger and USB connector, while we switched from a glossy finish to an environmentally friendly matte finish for the coating of all accessories. Fingerprints are less likely to form on this and the material is less sensitive to scratches.

Galaxy S eco-friendly packaging 3-1024x372

The packaging of the latest flagship model, the Galaxy S21, is the most environmentally friendly in the Galaxy S series. The tray in which the smartphone is located is made of corrugated cardboard, which is very easy to recycle.

Accessories that people often have in their possession anyway, such as the charging plug and earplugs, are no longer part of the package. This saves packaging material and encourages Galaxy users to reuse well-functioning parts.

Galaxy S eco-friendly packaging 4-1024x372

Efficient use of resources in the future as well

While the COVID-19 pandemic poses additional challenges – such as the availability of sustainable materials and operation of global supply chains – Samsung continues to feel the responsibility to contribute to a better future by combating climate change and protecting our living environment.

By the end of 2020, they achieved the goal of using 100% recycled or sustainably produced paper packaging. But they also realize that their journey towards realizing a fully circular economy is not over yet. For example, they require the paper suppliers to show certifications that meet international standards, such as those of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Samsung, continue to look for new, innovative and environmentally friendly product packaging materials. At the same time, they reduce material to use where possible and optimize systems for product development. In partnership with the entire supply chain and their customers, they strive to create a more sustainable world, as they stated.

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