10 years have passed: Apple officially declared the 2nd generation iPad obsolete

The Apple iPad 2nd generation tablet, which was released in 2011, is officially recognized as an obsolete product.

What does it mean?

Usually, the company places gadgets that ended production more than 7 years ago in the list of “vintage and outdated products”. Apple does not service such products and stops supporting them, and service centers can no longer order parts to repair them.

The iPad 2 was declared obsolete in May 2019, but then the exception was the United States and Turkey, whose local legislation requires long-term support for 10 years. This deadline has expired-and the other day, the iPad 2 has become obsolete all over the world without exceptions.

Recall that the second generation of the iPad has made a huge leap compared to the first in terms of design and performance. The tablet has a slimmer body, a front-facing camera for FaceTime calls, and an A5 processor that is twice as fast as the original iPad and up to nine times faster in graphics.

Source: MacRumors

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