7 major issues of iOS 15 Update that iPhone users are complaining about

Along with the debut of the new iPhone 13 series, Apple launched the iOS 15 upgrade for iPhones. The new iOS 15 version was initially revealed at the 2021 WWDC, and included major improvements like as a revamped Safari browser, SharPlay, Focus Mode, Live Text, and more. New security and privacy improvements are also included in the iOS 15 update.

Wrong storage warning notifications

Users’ complaints flooded Twitter and Apple Support Forums shortly after iOS 15 was released, with the most common issue being the incorrect storage warning.

Despite having enough free storage space, users report receiving the warning “iPhone Storage Almost Full” under Settings. The warning notice cannot be removed, and touching on it just takes the user to the iPhone Storage section.

Storage tabulation error

A few customers have reported that the amount of storage available on their iPhone’s is occasionally more than the device’s capacity. Users are also reporting that the device displays an incorrect tabulation of the space that apps are using.

Touchscreen that is unresponsive

Users requesting help from Apple Support for an unresponsive touchscreen have been spreading on Twitter since last week. While some people are unable to utilize the entire screen, others are having problems with certain parts. This issue was also discovered in the iOS 15 beta version, which was still in development at the moment.

Disappearing photos

A problem in the iOS 15 Message app, according to several complaints, might erase photographs that have already been saved. When users save a picture from a Message thread and then delete the thread, the stored image disappears after an iCloud backup, according to users.

Non-functional camera

Some users have reported that the Camera app’s viewfinder is broken. The software launches easily, but the viewfinder is frozen, and users are unable to choose the required image, according to the complaints.

Key Siri commands aren’t functioning

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, was created to help people accomplish a variety of activities using voice commands, but according to a few customers, the assistant isn’t responding to a few important commands like “Check my call history” and “Send an email.”

Unlock with Apple Watch feature on iPhone 13 series

Face ID can’t authenticate with masks on, so Apple launched this function in April to let customers unlock their iPhone’s when they’re wearing one. This function is not available to Apple iPhone 13 series users.

Despite the fact that it is unclear if the bug affects iPhone or iOS 15, Apple has recognized the issue. The problem has been fixed in the iOS 15.1 beta release, according to several developers.recognised

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