A celebration for Star Wars Fans: Disney Has Finally Revealed a Real Lightsaber

In the new teaser of “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” from Disney, an interesting and almost mythical thing has lit up – a lightsaber, the blade of which is retracted into the handle as in the movie – at the touch of a button.

How is it implemented?

Despite the fact that there is no reliable information about the new product (and indeed it is impossible to say whether the sword is real), fans of the Star Wars universe are already making assumptions about the mechanism that pushes the blade.

A Twitter user under the nickname @benridout posted a 3D animation of how the mysterious mechanism can work. He also explained the principle of operation:

“Disney’s lightsaber design extends (get it?) the basic tape measure design. Imagine connecting two tape measures together so each tape faces in on each other when they are extended. Connect the ends of the tapes with a circular cap.

Next, widen the tapes and increase the curve, allowing them to partially wrap around each other and form a complete cylinder. Drive this system with a motor so both reels can be extended and retracted in synch at the push of a button. Now, you’ve got a lightsaber!”

Source: TheNextWeb

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