Acquiring Craze to acquire technology Snapchat will also add a photo shopping guide mechanism in the future

According to the news, Snap plans to add a shopping guide service to the Snapchat service. When users upload photos to the Snapchat service for sharing, the system will automatically identify the clothes in the photo and provide a link to recommend shopping guides so that users who view the photos can Purchase goods through partner stores.

This technology may be related to Snap’s acquisition of Craze last fall that provides Screenshop services. The Screenshot service provides the ability to identify clothing and furniture in uploaded images, allowing users to quickly find the same or similar products on the Internet, thereby speeding up shopping guides. effectiveness.

The source said that Snap will announce this feature as early as late May this year, and will begin to cooperate with external shopping guides.

According to the instructions, this function will be integrated into Snapchat’s Memory function, allowing users to identify the same or similar products through image recognition during the viewing process, and guide users to cooperative online shopping malls for consumption.

Like Apple and Google, the two major smartphone operating system platform operators, have begun to substantially adjust their privacy policies, the effectiveness of advertising that uses cookies to track user browsing behavior in the past will be affected.

Therefore, many App operators have begun to conceive of business operations other than advertising exposure. Receiving mode, by directly transforming users’ browsing behaviors and forming substantial consumption results, has obviously become a direction for more and more industry players to try.

However, compared with the past situation where only content exposure can convert traffic into real income, the practice of converting revenue through shopping guides and other methods will actually face many challenges, such as the user’s transition from browsing to actual order consumption. In the process, there are actually many factors that reduce users’ shopping behavior. Therefore, the industry must also devise more ways to attract consumers to shop.

Similar practices, in fact, Facebook and YouTube have already begun to test similar shopping guide mechanisms, allowing users to generate shopping behaviors while browsing content, and live streaming services in China, including Douyin, have also begun to implement shopping guide mechanisms long ago. To fight for revenue opportunities other than advertising.


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