Amazon worker tracking system: Amazon’s Draconian Work Culture

Amazon worker tracking system tracks worker and automatically fire employees: Fulfillment centers of the Amazon are the engine of the company, large warehouses, where workers track, package, categorize and shuffle each order before sending it to the buyer.

What is known?

For many years, Amazon, the online retail giant, and its treatment of its employees have been a controversial topic. Although it does make employees commit suicide as often as Foxconn does, the number of complaints from workers in Amazon warehouses is staggering.

Recently, The Verge found Amazon worker tracking system, the company actually has a tracking system that monitors, supervise the workers, and also can terminate workers automatically.

The system also tracks workers’ “time off tasks” and measures all break time. In order to maintain quotas, some workers even gave up going to the bathroom and urinate in a bottle.

Perhaps this proves Jeff Bezos’commitment to efficiency. However, this is a condemnatory accusation how they treat their employees.

What Does Amazon Say?

Amazon confirmed it with Business Insider.

“Approximately 300 employees turned over in Baltimore related to productivity in this timeframe. In general, the number of employee terminations has decreased over the last two years at this facility as well as across North America,” says the Amazon spokesperson.

How workers push back?

Amazon is quick to be alarmed about its Offers and benefits of high salaries. They even include better parental leave benefits than other companies.

However, they are seemingly quick to revoke benefits for those who do not meet with their demanding standard.

Last year, workers of factories in Minnesota organized protests. The quotation of inadequate rest time, including those required by religion. Meanwhile, New York factories announced union jobs.

Since then, Amazon has been working hard to strengthen trade union efforts. They say they felt it “employee concerns can be best addressed by keeping in direct contact” with them.

Source: The Verge

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