American Nissan dealer leases a Nissan Leaf electric car for two years for 99 cents when buying a Titan pickup truck

Last year, sales of the Nissan Titan pickup truck fell sharply in the United States. To fix this, one of the company’s dealerships came up with an unusual way to attract customers.

What is known?

A car dealership in northern Virginia has launched a promotion where anyone who buys a 2020 or 2021 Nissan Titan will get a two-year lease (or 16,100 km mileage) of a Nissan Leaf electric car for just 99 cents. Moreover, not the basic model, but the Plus configuration with an electric motor for 215 hp, a battery for 62 kW and a power reserve of up to 364 km. Now this version of the Nissan Leaf costs in the US from $38,000.

American Nissan dealer leases a Nissan Leaf electric car 2

If you suddenly thought that this is not a very tempting offer, then wait! Since the Nissan Leaf is an electric car, it is subject to tax incentives in the United States. Therefore, when registering a car, buyers can also receive a bonus of $7,500 from the state.

Of course, do not forget that the promotional offer is valid only when buying a Nissan Titan pickup truck. At a particular dealer, it costs from $ 42,242.

Source: CarAndDriver

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