An executive says, Apple ad tracking changes would have a significant impact on developers

Apple ad tracking changes would have a significant impact on developers, according to an executive of Apple.

Apple’s updated privacy controls for monitoring digital ads are expected to have a major effect on how software developers enforce a new pop-up notification, Apple’s consumer privacy chief told Reuters.

Apple began implementing a rule adopted last year that requires developers to use a pop-up notification to gather data that can be used to trace users through third-party websites and applications on Monday.

In addition, Facebook claims that the guidelines could harm its users and prospects. Less than one in three users would agree to see targeted ads, which may be a significant problem for ad targeting and could diminish the effectiveness and profitability of ad.

According to Apple’s user privacy chief, Erik Neuenschwander, opt-in rates are likely to depend on how developers make their case to users prior to displaying the prompt, as well as the language used in a space reserved by Apple for developers to explain why they’re requesting permission.

When Apple added new consent pop-ups for things such as microphone access in the past, the rates differed depending on whether users expected a benefit from granting permission, he said.

“A lot of it is based on the case that the developer makes,” Neuenschwander said. “What we have found through all the other permissions that have been coming into iOS over the years, is that (communication) is the major contribution the developer can make to making sure the user gets an informed choice.”

Apple’s updates take place only when app developers sell data to third parties for ad targeting or when they purchase third-party data to combine with their own for ad targeting.

Developers are not required to use the pop-up to display advertisements dependent on first-party information, such as what news articles a person has read in an application.

Neuenschwander said “We’re in favor of advertising – we do some advertising ourselves,”

“You won’t see Apple prompt to track because we design our applications and our systems such that they don’t track users,” he continued. “That’s the approach that we’re taking, but we still leave open the fact that others can take other approaches.”

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