Analyst has calculated the price of the PlayStation 5

The buds will remain in place: the analyst has calculated the price of the PlayStation 5.

Sony architect Mark Serni already told Wired the first details about the PlayStation 5 but did not share information on the price of the console.

The journalist of the publication has already published the cut part of the interview, which spoke about the cost of the console, and now the analyst has connected to it.

According to Pelham Smithers Associates of Pelham Smithers, a marketing research firm, the PlayStation 5 will cost gamers $ 400.

The analyst is confident that Sony will install in the console an 8-core Ryzen 3600G processor, made on a 7nm process technology. In addition, the chip supports ray tracing, which Serni promised to add to the new console.

Ryzen 3600G showed at CES 2019, but knowledgeable people will say that they have not seen the processor among the announcements of AMD.

It seems that the chip was shown behind closed doors to representatives of Sony. Smithers believes that until the end of 2019, the price of the chip will vary from $ 180 to $ 220, which will allow the company to fit into the framework of $ 400.

Note that even before the interview with Mark Serni, an unknown European developer told us that he worked with Sony on an AAA game and found out the price of a new console.

According to him, the PlayStation 5 will cost gamers $ 500, and the company will lose $ 100 from each console sold. Yet this is only a rumor.

Source: Wired

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