Analysts: Huawei ban could seriously hit Google and Apple profits

Huawei ban could hit Google and Apple profits: Not so long ago, a new round of the trade war between America and China died down: Huawei was included in the blacklist of the US Department of Commerce. Financial analysts have calculated how this may affect other global companies, like Google and Apple.

Everyone may suffer

The representative of one of the world’s largest investment banks, Goldman Sachs, believes that sanctions against Huawei can reduce Apple’s total revenues by 29% (about $ 17 billion). 

Such an outcome is possible if China responds with a total ban on the apple company (now the Chinese are limited to a boycott). The share of the Chinese market accounts for 17% of Apple’s sales, which is actually a lot.

Also, adding Huawei to the “blacklist” will force the company to develop and promote its software, because Google services will not be available for use.

Which promises losses already for the search giant, since Huawei products, as a matter of fact, are quite popular around the world. It remains to hope that the parties will still be able to agree among themselves, otherwise the entire market will suffer. 

Source: 9to5mac

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