Android collects user privacy data 20 times that of iPhone: Research

Both Google and Apple collect user data on their mobile operating systems, even when users simply browse the settings page or insert a SIM card. However, according to the latest research report, the amount of user data collected by the Android system is20 times that of the iOS system.

A study by Douglas Leith, a professor of computer science at Trinity College University, stated that although both operating systems regularly collect user data, compared with Apple’s iOS, Android’s fairness exceeds the amount collected.

Specifically, Douglas Leith said that when the device is started as an example, Android will send about 1MB of user data to Google, while iOS only transmits about 42KB.

When sitting idle, Android sends about 1MB of user data to Google every 12 hours, while Apple only receives about 52KB in the same 12 hours.

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Douglas Leith said that the outstanding thing about Android is the amount of data it collects. At startup, an Android device sends about 1MB of data to Google, and iOS sends about 42KB of data to Apple. 

When idle, Android sends 1MB of data to Google approximately every 12 hours, while iOS sends approximately 52KB of data to Apple during the same period. 

In the United States alone, the Android system collectively collects about 1.3TB of data every 12 hours. During the same period, iOS collected about 5.8GB of data.

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Google said that we found that the researcher’s method of measuring the amount of data was flawed and did not agree with the paper that the amount of data shared by Android devices is 20 times that of the iPhone.

According to our research, these research results deviated by an order of magnitude, and we shared our methodology concerns with researchers before publishing.

This research mainly outlines the working principles of smartphones. Hyundai Motor regularly sends basic data, safety status, and service schedules about auto parts to automakers, and mobile phones work very similarly.

This report details these communications, which help ensure that the iOS or Android software is up to date, that the service works as expected, and that the phone operates safely and efficiently.

Source: iPhonenews

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