Android on iPhone

Samsung has created an application that mimics the work of Android on iPhone.

Samsung has decided to bring those who use iOS devices to the good side. She launched iTest, an interactive website designed to help iPhone owners test Android or “try the other side” on their devices.

To do this, they will have to install a web application from the site, which will allow them to try out a pseudo-version of One UI based on Android.

Samsung iTest Android on iPhone

Opening the utility launches a simulated Galaxy smartphone home screen with a number of applications and settings. You have access to the Galaxy Store, you can install themes, open the app drawer and access them.

The user will receive a simulated dialer, which will tell about the functions of the Galaxy and open a series of messages. In addition, the user will be able to read the camera manual from the company and photographer Logan Dodds, who will talk about the possibilities of photography.

Android on iPhone itest

As you navigate through the interface, a series of guides appear, explaining any unavailable features, and you can also browse the Galaxy Wearable app with all Samsung accessories.

The Gallery app provides photos, tutorials for Samsung Kids and Samsung Health apps, and the Settings app lets you learn about some of the setup options available.

samsung experience settings

At the moment, iTest is promoting in New Zealand, but this does not prevent anyone who owns Apple smartphones, starting with the iPhone 7, from going to the site and installing the web application.

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