Anker PowerCore Fusion: a hybrid of a portable battery and power supply with a price tag of $ 100

An unusual device called Anker PowerCore Fusion appeared on the Apple website.

What it is?

It is a hybrid of a portable battery and power supply. Thanks to a special design and a new generation of charging gallium nitride (what is it you can read through the link ), the engineers managed to build a 5000 mAh battery into the device. On the case of the gadget, there are two exits. The first is a USB-C port with a bandwidth of 30 W for charging a laptop from the network, and the second is USB-A with a power of 12 W for fast charging of a smartphone.


Anker PowerCore Fusion is sold with a price tag of $ 100 in two colors: black and white. The package includes only the device. Cable for him will have to buy separately.

Source: Apple

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