Anker updated GaN chargers: Reduced size, power up to 65 W and a price tag of $ 30

Anker has released a new series of chargers based on gallium nitride.

What is known?

The Anker Nano II series includes three models. New items received one USB-C port, improved microcircuits, an updated internal layout of elements, as well as reduced dimensions.

The basic 30W model measures 31.5 × 30.4 × 38mm, and the 40W medium model measures 37.7 × 35 × 41mm. The top one, in turn, received a power of 65 W and dimensions of 41.7 × 36 × 44 mm. According to the company, the new products can be used to charge smartphones, tablets and laptops. For example, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.


All three new items can already be bought in the US for $30, $36 and $40, respectively. Sales in Europe will start a little later.

Source: Anker

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