App Store, in the USA, users spent an average of $138 in 2020

According to a new study conducted in the United States by research firm Sensor Tower, iPhone owners spent 38% more in 2020 than in the previous year on premium app purchases and in-app purchases. The average expense was $ 138.

It was definitely a record year in terms of purchases on the App Store due, in part, also to the pandemic that forced many people to stay at home with a consequent increase in the average use of their devices.

Going into more detail, the average spends per device relating to games has seen a growth of 43% in 2020, going from $ 53.80 in 2019 to $ 76.80. As for the type of games, the Puzzles are the ones that have registered the greatest increase.

App Store $138 2020 1

The entertainment category is also growing, reaching an average expenditure of $ 10.20 in 2020, up 26% compared to $ 8.10 spent in 2019.

Games, entertainment, photos and videos, social networking, and lifestyle were the top five categories where users spent the most time on average. As highlighted in a previous report, the most downloaded app in the world was TikTok, which ousted WhatsApp from the top position it had in 2019. Among the games, Among Us was the one with the most downloads.

App Store $138 2020 2

While the US market is where iOS has its largest market share globally, this notable increase in consumer spending on iPhone still mirrors global trends. The research took into account only the expenses for premium apps and in-app purchases, excluding purchases that are not directly processed by the App Store.

Average spending in the United States has grown at least 20% every year and this trend is unlikely to change in the short term. Growth is also expected in 2021 but less significant than in 2020. However, this does not indicate a decline in revenue growth.

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