Apple confirms iPhone 13 removes phone noise cancellation

Apple confirmed that the iPhone 13 removes the phone noise reduction function, which had been equipped with previous models.

No matter how smartphones develop, the most basic function is called. Nowadays, many mobile phones are equipped with basic call noise reduction function, which is mainly realized by collecting background noise through dual microphones.

On the iPhone, the Chinese name is phone noise reduction. Apple describes that noise reduction can reduce the ambient noise in the phone when you put the earpiece next to your ear.

Apple iPhone 13 Noice Noice Cancellation

However, iPhone 13 users found that the function option was not available on the phone. After communicating with Apple support, they confirmed that this was not a bug, but permanently removed.

The reason why Apple suddenly removed the function is unknown. The setting item was included in previous iPhone models, which is located under the auxiliary function column.

The strange thing is that the media AI called Apple customer service on Saturday local time. The other party still said that this is a system bug.

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