Apple has introduced the AirTag tracker to find lost items at the price of Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Rumors about AirTag Bluetooth tags have been going around for several years: their images and even their cost were “leaked” to the network a long time ago. And finally, at presentation, Apple finally presented them officially.

What is it?

This is a small round-shaped accessory that will help you find lost things: keys, bag, backpack, wallet, etc. It works using the Apple Find My app.

Apple AirTag tracker

The AirTag housing is made of stainless steel and is protected from dust and water according to the IP67 standard. The cover is removable for more convenient battery replacement. As in the case of AirPods, the gadget just needs to be brought to the iPhone, and it will connect.

Apple AirTag tracker 2

In the app, you can view the current or last known location of an item on the map. If the lost item is within reach, the Bluetooth tracker will beep, and the direction and number of steps will be displayed on the screen.

If the tag is out of range of Bluetooth, the Find My network can help track it by detecting the signal using its huge network (about 1 billion devices). The location is transmitted to the owner in the background, anonymously and confidentially.

  • Apple AirTag tracker 3
  • Apple AirTag tracker 4
  • Apple AirTag tracker 5
  • Apple AirTag tracker 6
  • Apple AirTag tracker 7
  • Apple AirTag tracker 8

If someone finds a lost AirTag, they can click on it with their iPhone or any NFC-enabled device and go to a website that will display the owner’s contact phone number, if they provided it.

At the same time, no location data or location history is physically stored in AirTag, and only the device owner has access to the data.

  • Apple AirTag tracker 9
  • Apple AirTag tracker 91

Apple AirTag Tracker Price?

AirTag sales will start on April 30. The cost is $29 per unit and $99 for a set of four tags. By the way, the competitor – Samsung Galaxy SmartTag — has the same price tag.

Source: Apple

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