Apple has invested another $45 million in Corning: we are waiting for a folding iPhone with a flexible protective glass

Apple has long been working with Corning, a manufacturer of protective glasses for smartphones, smartwatches and other gadgets. And now the company has decided to make additional investments.

How much and why?

Since 2017, Apple has already invested more than $ 450 million in Corning, and recently announced an additional investment of $45 million. This money is allocated by the Advanced Manufacturing Fund.

Apple stressed that these investments are designed to ” expand Corning’s manufacturing capacity in the United States and stimulate research and development in innovative technologies that ensure reliability and long product life.”

Apple has invested another $45 million in Corning 2

Recall that Corning produces protective glasses for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. For example, the iPhone 12 received heavy-duty glass Ceramic Shield, which, according to the manufacturer, is 4 times more resistant to damage from falls.

Also, most likely, Corning is developing a flexible glass for the first folding iPhone. According to rumors, it will be released only in 2023.

Source: Apple


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