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If you ask Android users what they are missing from what is on iOS, most likely every second person will name Apple services. No, this is not about iCloud or Apple Music – there are much better and more convenient analogs on Android. We are talking about communication services: iMessage and FaceTime.

iMessage because Android has never had a native messaging service that works for free, and FaceTime because Google Duo provides a pretty mediocre picture regardless of the connection speed. But Apple has always been against adapting its services for Android. I wonder why?

iMessage for Android

iMessage on Android not due to reluctance from Apple’s top management

While the issue of iMessage and FaceTime on Android has been raised repeatedly in Cupertino, it has never gone beyond verbal discussions. True, it was not accepted to talk about the reasons in public.

Therefore, Android users for years continued to hope that Apple would still make up their minds and release their services on Google Play.

Moreover, Android and iOS have been uniting universal applications for many years. So, there seemed to be no reason not to release iMessage and FaceTime on Android.

Why is there no iMessage for Android?

Craig Federighi was one of those who opposed the release of iMessage for Android

Craig Federighi was one of those who opposed the release of iMessage for Android

However, as it turned out during the trial in the case of Epic Games vs. Apple, which is suing for the removal of Fortnite from the App Store, has always been opposed to the release of iMessage and FaceTime for Android by the highest members of Apple’s board.

Among those opposed were Craig Federighi, the company’s vice president of software development, and Phil Schiller, senior vice president of international marketing.

According to them, the release of iMessage for Android will do Apple more harm than good, so the project may not even start.

Apple’s semi-official position, which the company expressed when asked about the lack of iMessage and FaceTime for Android, has always been about security concerns.

Say, Google’s mobile OS has insufficiently advanced security mechanisms, and it will be extremely difficult to protect the correspondence of iMessage users on Android.

In principle, it sounds logical, especially since everyone has long been accustomed to the idea that iOS is much more secure than Android.

How to replace iMessage on Android?

Apple is afraid of WhatsApp because of its versatility

Apple is afraid of WhatsApp because of its versatility

However, obviously, Apple is just trying to steer us away from the real reasons for the lack of iMessage for Android. In fact, safety is far from being of paramount importance here.

After all, encryption algorithms are the same everywhere, plus or minus. More importantly, Apple had no reason to open iMessage to users of a rival platform. There were several reasons for this:

  • Apple does not make anything from iMessage, so developing an Android version would not do it any good, forcing them to spend money;
  • iMessage has long been an important service for iOS users who communicated with loved ones only through it, and was an advantage of the Apple ecosystem that could not be given to competitors;
  • Well, the emergence of a universal iMessage would allow iOS users to easily switch to Android, without losing anything, and this in Cupertino could not be allowed.

In fact, these are very logical arguments, which the CEO of WhatsApp recently indirectly confirmed. He said that Apple is constantly digging for WhatsApp because it is afraid of its versatility.

After all, if users get a cross-platform messenger, it is logical that they will no longer be afraid to switch between operating systems and will sooner or later start choosing Android instead of iOS.

Most likely, this will actually happen, and the trigger will be the appearance of the function of transferring correspondence between the two operating systems.

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