Apple is sued in court: iPad burns and the American guy’s house is gone

It seems that electronic products catch fire all the time.

What is known?

According to media reports, last year, the iPad in the home of Michael Macaluso, a young man in the United States, caught fire and directly lit the house. The latest development is that the lawsuit was transferred to the Philadelphia General Court of Pennsylvania this month and again to the Eastern District Federal Court this week.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff believed that “the problem of one or more defective electrical objects in the iPad product caused a fire”.

The compensation

It is reported that the insurance company Allstate paid Macaluso up to 142,000 US dollars of fire damage compensation. The state hired de Luca Levine law firm to file a claim against Apple in order to wipe out the insurance.

According to the plaintiff, Michael Macaluso did not modify, abuse, or perform operations beyond Apple’s expectations. The fire was due to the quality of the iPad itself.

Previous accidents of Apple products

In fact, this is not the first time Apple has encountered a product fire lawsuit in the United States. In 2019, New Jersey resident Julia Ireland Meo sued Apple, claiming that his father was killed in a fire in his apartment in February 2017 due to an iPad battery accident. The case is still pending.

Earlier in 2017, Weizhou resident Xai Thao and an insurance company sued Apple’s iPhone 4s for a battery defect that caused a fire, but the case eventually reached a private settlement.

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