Apple is the most valuable brand on the globe in 2022

Apple has already been declared the company with the highest brand value in the world as early as 2022. Apple’s current brand worth is USD $355.1 billion, according to a global rankings list compiled by Brand Finance, a whole five billion dollars more than Amazon, which is presently in second place.

Apple’s position at the top of the list isn’t surprising, given that it was a valued position that the corporation had previously secured last year and carried over into 2022 owing to the iPhone 13’s success.

After brand loyalty surveys revealed that the company was experiencing soaring rates of consumer loyalty and even emotional connection to the Apple brand, Apple’s brand value increased by a staggering 35% year over year.

Although it may be perplexing, the worth of a company is not the same as the value of its brand. While the two may be connected, Apple’s brand value is the money that a third party might pay for the permission to use Apple’s name and logo as Apple’s brand identity, to sell their own products.

Apple’s current brand value is the highest that any brand has ever claimed in the history of the global market.

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Image-Credit: TechRadar


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