Apple MacBook Keyboard problem hasn’t fixed yet: Apple apologized to users

It seems that the sticky keys, which users often complain about, will continue to be bundled with  MacBook laptops: despite the improvements, the problem of the new MacBook Pro Keyboard Problem hasn’t fixed.

What happened?

Journalists of The Wall Street Journal write that the problem of sticking keys is still not eliminated: dust and debris that fall under the buttons, do not allow them to work. As it turned out, the letters E, R,  and T are most often skipped, and sometimes E, on the contrary, is pressed twice instead of once.

The problem has dragged on for several years  from 2015 when Apple began to use keyboard mechanism called butterfly”. Last summer, the third generation of butterflies debuted in the new MacBook Pro, and iFixit experts found out that they started installing silicone membranes under the keys. In theory, they had to protect the buttons from debris, but in practice, alas, they do not help.

What to do?

After the publication of The Wall Street Journal,  Apple acknowledged the problem and apologized to users. We are aware that a small number of users have reported problems with the keyboard butterfly of the third generation, and we regret it. The vast majority of MacBook users will not have problems in working with the new keyboard”,  says the company.  

Last year Apple agreed to repair laptops with distressed keyboards for free. However, new models are not included in the service program.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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