Apple Podcast Subscriptions delayed to June

Apple said in April that it will be updating its Podcasts app to make it more user-friendly for both listeners and creators. Listeners can now join up for freemium or premium podcast episodes that artists have listed on the new “Podcast Subscriptions” service.

Tiers Apple Podcast Subscriptions

Tiers Apple Podcast Subscriptions

Apple acknowledges that some of the changes it made were not well received in an email to creators and a statement to The Verge, and it is taking feedback from iOS 14.6 into consideration for a future update. In the “coming weeks,” it also plans to update the Podcasts app’s “Library” interface. Furthermore, some creators were having trouble uploading content using Apple Podcasts Connect.

Sign up page for Apple Podcast Subscriptions (Source)

Sign up page for Apple Podcast Subscriptions

As a consequence of these modifications, Apple has decided to postpone the debut of its Podcast Subscriptions platform until June, in order to “ensure [Apple] delivers the best experience for creators and listeners.”

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