Apple TV new box: It would be in preparation with a speaker and a camera for FaceTime

Apple is reportedly working on a much more versatile multimedia box than its current model. Bloomberg mentions the arrival of a new Apple TV that would integrate not only a speaker to broadcast music, but also a camera compatible with FaceTime to make video calls.

The marriage of HomePod and Apple TV?

Apple is not the first manufacturer to want to diversify, for example, Amazon offers its Fire TV Cube, a multimedia box that works with the Alexa assistant and also has a speaker.

This time it would be a hybrid between the Apple TV and the HomePod speaker which is equipped with the Siri assistant. Obviously, this has not yet been confirmed by Apple, but we will undoubtedly have more details on this in the coming months.

A connected screen in preparation at Apple?

In addition, there is also talk of a second device that would be inspired by the connected screens found at Google ( Nest Hub ) and Amazon ( Echo Show ).

We would end up this time with a combination between the iPad and the HomePod. The screen is even positioned on a robotic arm to follow the user, a bit like the new Echo Show 10 (3rd generation).

These devices are not expected for many months, by then Apple could announce a technical upgrade of the Apple TV with support for 4K 120 Hz and new remote control.

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