Apple’s Foldable iPhone Z: this concept shows the flexible smartphone

Apple’s Foldable iPhone Z: Samsung’s Galaxy Fold dominates the headlines; sometimes good in the news, sometimes bad. And soon Huawei with the Mate X on the market. When can we expect the first foldable phone from Apple?

There are rumors that Apple is working on such a model, but the Russian brand Caviar is already taking an advance on these suspicions.

They have introduced the concept of the iPhone Z; the foldable Apple smartphone, just slightly different than you would expect.

iPhone Z

Caviar is no stranger when it comes to beautiful images and innovative designs. For example, the Russian company has dozens of special iPhones on offer, completely designed to be sold as ‘Royal Gift’.

The makers of the exclusive smartphones came up with the idea to name the concept iPhone Z based on the design. Half folded open, it takes on the shape of a Z.

The concept shows what the foldable smartphone from Apple can look like, although the bold design won’t just appear under Apple’s name.

  • Foldable iPhone Z
  • Foldable iPhone Z
  • Foldable iPhone Z
  • Foldable iPhone Z
  • Foldable iPhone Z
  • Foldable iPhone Z

Fold twice

The iPhone Z concept consists of an Apple smartphone that cannot be folded once, but twice. When folded, the format is comparable to the current iPhone line-up, when folded open it is a large tablet.

It is the foldable telephone à la Galaxy Fold, only with an extra fold. This concept shows what the future iPhone can look like if Caviar could develop the smartphone.

Although they are a number of slick images, we do not expect Apple to adopt this concept, because then Apple would not play safe anymore. And that is something that Apple has done in recent years.

Source: Cavier

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