Apple’s M2 MacBook Air First Look: An insider revealed what the next MacBook Air will look like with colors like the new iMac

The other day, blogger and insider Jon Prosser said that the next MacBook Air can come out in colors like the new iMac, and now he showed how the new product will look.

What is known?

So, in addition to the new colors, the device will also receive a metal case, which will become thinner and lighter. In addition, Apple will slightly change the keyboard of the laptop, reduce the borders around the screen and make them white.

Also striking are the rubber strips on the bottom cover of the device. According to Prosser, Apple still plans to install two USB-C ports, but unlike the current generation of the MacBook Air, they will not be placed on one side, but on each.

As for the characteristics of the new product, it is only known that the laptop can get an updated proprietary Apple M2 processor. There are no other details yet.

  • M2 MacBook Air 1
  • M2 MacBook Air 2
  • M2 MacBook Air 3
  • M2 MacBook Air 4
  • M2 MacBook Air 5
  • M2 MacBook Air 6

When to expect?

Presumably, the new MacBook Air will hit the market later this year.

Source: YouTube

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