Apple’s new patent! It will be able to interact with mobile phone and watch functions by blowing air

Related patents show that in the future, Apple may add an interactive operation function for Apple Watch through the “blowing” method.

According to a patent approved by Apple by the US Trademark and Patent Office, users can directly interact with the device by blowing air when using the device with one hand.

In the description of this patent, Apple stated that when using mobile devices, it is usually necessary to hold the device in one hand and operate it with the other hand.

However, when the user can only use one hand to hold the phone or watch the watch, the operating experience will be affected at this time.

Apple Watch patent 1

Apple Watch patent 2

Therefore, in the case of the above mentioned in the patent, it is possible to interact with mobile phones and watch devices by blowing air. Although it sounds stupid, it seems convenient if you can answer the call by blowing directly into the phone or watch or hang up the call.

And this kind of interaction may also allow Apple to create a different human-machine operation experience, and even apply it to more App service operations.

If you just want to use this interactive function, obviously you must also update on the hardware side, or you can directly detect whether the user is blowing into the mobile phone or watch device through the microphone.

It is not yet possible to confirm whether Apple will apply this design to future products.

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