Arduino Oplà a guide to the world of the Internet of Things, which you create

The company Arduino, known for its programmable microcomputers, has released the Arduino Oplà-a set for creating a smart home (or garage, or office — that’s up to you). It includes the MKR WiFi 1010 board, essentially a microprocessor; and the IoT Carrier, a pocket-like teleport board equipped with an OLED display and to which the rest of the devices are attached. For all happiness, they ask for $114.

What to do with it?

Carrier is equipped with a variety of sensors: motion sensor, touch sensor, photocell, thermometer, hygrometer (measures humidity). This is the main switch of the system. Installation and programming of the entire system takes plus or minus a minute and the devices are ready to work.

Arduino offers cloud services and a year of premium subscription, which will make writing code (or just copying from a library of ready-made options) simple and enjoyable. And Oplà has a lot of applications: both locks with a fingerprint, and a plant watering system, and smart light. It all depends on the imagination of the user.

Source: Arduino

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