AT&T Confirms Samsung Galaxy View 2 specs

Samsung Galaxy View 2 specs: Although not yet officially released, AT&T can’t wait to get a promotional video of the Samsung Galaxy View 2 tablet, claiming to bring a “unique experience.”

Of course, in order to maintain a certain mystery, AT&T did not disclose its exact specifications. But for the long-awaited consumer, some details still make us feel a little regret, such as the 17.3-inch FHD display.

Even if the screen reaches 17.3 inches, AT&T claims to be able to put it in a backpack.

As for the positioning of the product, Galaxy View 2 is clearly the main entertainment, especially video viewing and web browsing. In addition, Samsung is equipped with 64GB ROM (expandable storage) and 12000 mAh large capacity battery.

As a wireless carrier, AT&T also wants to provide it with additional bonuses because Galaxy View 2 supports 4G LTE network connectivity and supports calling and video calling.

Finally, as an Android tablet that supports mobile phones, you can do almost anything on Galaxy View 2. The rest, it depends on how much AT&T intends to sell and sell.

Given that the first Galaxy View tablet is priced at $600 (4033 RMB), it is expected that the Galaxy View 2 will not be cheaper.

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SAMSUNG – Samsung flagship store

Source: Cnbeta

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