Audible will release Aliens 3 audio drama scripted by William Gibson

Audible Alien 3 audio drama: Audible decided to revive William Gibson’s script for Alien 3 in a new audio drama.

What is known?

William Gibson, as you know, wrote the script for the continuation of “Aliens” by James Cameron a few years ago, but in the end, we saw a completely different story.

Last year, Dark Horse Comics released a comic under the old script, and now it gets a different adaptation, this time in the form of Audible audio drama.

According to the plot, the ship of Ripley, Hicks, Newt “Sulako” gets off course and enters the territory of the Union of Progressive Peoples. Behind the team send a rapid response team.

There, she discovers the egg of a stranger and faces up to the faces. Later, the heroes still managed to be transported to the Anchorpoint station, which, due to unsuccessful experiments with cloning, aliens were soon captured by monsters.

“Alien 3” will be available for download on May 30, and now it is available for pre-order for $ 8.95.

Source: Audible

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