Awaiting the Release of Android 12: New look with simplified controls & enhanced privacy.

Google will release a new version of Android 12, the world’s most popular operating system, in early October. What design and functionality innovations it offers, and which smart users will adopt initially.

The most recent beta version of Android 12, which was published in early September, offers us a clear picture of what to anticipate from Android 12. This version is being hailed as one of Android’s most significant recent enhancements, with a focus on design and new features ranging from a redesigned user interface to new functionality.

It features performance, battery-saving, and security improvements, as do all subsequent versions of Android, but not everyone notices them. So  here’s the seven Android 12 improvements that will not disappoint you:

1. A completely new user interface

Android’s appearance changes every few years, and this upgrade is no exception. As its name suggests, the new Material user interface provides greater customisation possibilities.

You may alter the material and theme settings to suit your preferences, and the colour gamut of the entire operating system is determined based on the screen background you specify. Other areas, from the dashboard to the broader and clearer application developers to controls that may be adapted to the operating system’s design, will see the changes.

2. Privacy

Google is paying more and more attention to privacy settings with each new version of Android. This time, the operating system features a new feature called Privacy Dashboard that notifies users about the access provided to devices.

You can quickly see which applications have access to your location, camera, phone, mobile Internet, and other phone sensors or functions, and you may revoke those rights with a single click. Furthermore, if the background app accesses your phone’s microphone or camera, a warning will appear in the upper right corner of the display.

3. Search in gadgets

Android previously enabled you to search for apps by name, and the Android 12 App Store has extended your search options. When you start entering a search query, you’ll get information from other applications as well, including your phone’s contacts, gadget functions, video or music, and more.

Giving the word “te,” for example, may encourage you to create a new one. Take Notes Set a reminder on your ARestart device or listen to “Fu Fiatrs” music. Finally, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on your phone, you’ll be sent to Google to do your search.

4. Easy settings

Swipe down from the top of the screen to access new features like Google Pay integration and Smart Home Controls, as well as modify the Quick Settings menu layout. You can now essentially control the entire operating system from here, according to Google officials.

5. Scrolling screenshots

Many people’s long-awaited feature will finally be realized: With Android 12, you may capture several screenshots that display not only the image on the screen, but also the top and bottom of the screen. You can save a long article, a social media post, or other information as a photo, for example, but you’ll have to scroll down the page multiple times to see that one.

6. Game panel

For a long time Gamer’s have been waiting, and certain Android phone manufacturers have had similar features for years. In any case, the game dashboard is a much-anticipated addition to the operating system, allowing gamer’s to access screen capture, snapshots, game optimization menus, FPS metre, DND function, VT quick link, and other essential settings in one convenient location. Was there anything you didn’t get? This is most likely unimportant to you.

7. Automatic rotation trick

When you enable automatic screen rotation, your phone reacts to the ground by tilting the image. People, on the other hand, have a position that makes it much more difficult: lying on the edge of the bed.

If you have trouble turning off auto-turning to read an intriguing article or watch your favourite series before night, Android 12 will solve your problem — Google has discovered a solution.

Artificial intelligence is the solution: when you switch on the phone, it scans the user’s face, locates it, and determines whether or not to turn on the screen. True, staring at a phone screen just before bed or first thing in the morning isn’t good for your eyes.

Google Pixel 3 to Pixel 6 owners will be the first to receive Android 12, which will be released later this year. Owners of the current flagships from Samsung, OnePlus, Asus, Xiaomi, and a few smaller manufacturers should receive the update this year.

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