Benco V80s 4G Launch: A Privacy Focused Smartphone

Benco is an unknown mobile phone manufacturer. It has just presented what is, most likely, the ideal Android smartphone for those who value privacy above all in 2022 by not including GPS or cameras in this mobile device.

It is, therefore, an extremely peculiar phone that aroused our curiosity for these omissions, namely the non-inclusion of any camera, despite maintaining the notch in the form of a drop of water on the front of the smartphone.

Benco V80s 4G Specifications

This is a flagship smartphone, an budget option that is guided by the Unisoc SC9863A processor and the robust 5,000 mAh battery. In addition, it has a 6.5-inch screen, IPS LCD technology with HD+ resolution.

The presence of the notch at the top of the device serves to accommodate the proximity and brightness sensor, in addition to telling us which is the top of the smartphone. That is, without the notch it would be easy to confuse the orientation of the smartphone when picking it up.

Even so, it is still something strange to see this element where the front camera is commonly present, with such a component not being present here, only its usual frame. These are peculiar choices for a “one of its own kind” phone.

Benco V80s 4G Colors

Benco V80s 4G Privacy Focused Smartphone

No cameras, no GPS location and no 5G connection.

Always with privacy at the top of priorities, the phone features several software options also focused on respecting user data. The Benco V80S 4G smartphone has now been launched with Google’s Android 11 operating system.

This phone features a fingerprint reader on the rear, in the center, as well as a single speaker, also on the rear, in its lower portion, immediately below the brand logo. Its construction is simple, in plastic.

Their color schemes are succinct, with gray and light blue being the only options to date, as confirmed by the product page . However, at the moment we do not have information on the retail price of the Benco V80s 4G.

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