Best James Bond Gadgets

This Friday, Daniel Craig makes his farewell appearance as James Bond 007 in “No Time to Die.”

Today we’re listing the Best James Bond Gadgets.

The countdown has begun!

1. Aston Martin DB5, “Goldfinger”

A homing device, spinning license plates, oil slick and smoke screen dispensers, machine guns in the headlights, and everyone’s favorite option, a passenger ejector seat, were all standard features on the car that established the gold standard for others to follow.

2. Amphibious Lotus Esprit – ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’

How can you beat the car chase in “Goldfinger”? By going underwater! 007 is chased off a dock after emitting a cement sprayer, only to find that this vehicle can also function as a submarine, equipped with torpedoes and mines! Surface-to-air missiles, which are necessary, are also helpful.

3. Attaché Case – ‘From Russia With Love’

The basic prop is the blueprint for all gadgets: a regular thing with attachments that come into action later in the film. More than just “a terrible Christmas present,” the simple prop is the blueprint for all gadgets: a normal object with accessories that come into play later in the film.

Royal gold? Check. What’s the connection between an infrared sight and a rifle? Needed. Canister of talcum powder exploding?
Yes, of course. Knife-throwing? Q, you truly considered everything.

4. Mobile Phone with Upgrade – ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’

I can’t play “Words With Friends” on my phone, and this has a stun gun, fingerprint scanner, lock pick, and remote control of Bond’s car? He doesn’t have unlimited texting, unfortunately.

5. Little Nellie Autogyro – ‘You Only Live Twice’

As the best flying gadget, this autogyro just edges out the Bede Acrostar from “Octopussy.” The Q Branch assembled this aircraft on the fly and equipped it with flamethrowers, airborne mines, rockets, and air-to-air missiles.

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