Best of Wear OS and Tizen: Google’s new Wear OS introduced to smartwatches from Samsung and Fitbit

Today, at the opening of the conference for developers, Google I/O presented an updated platform for wearable devices, Google Wear OS.

What changed?

First of all, Google joined forces with Samsung to create a new Wear OS. And yes, Samsung is really abandoning the proprietary Tizen platform, so the manufacturer’s future smartwatches will run Wear OS. According to Google representatives, it will combine “The Best of Wear OS and Tizen”.

Best of Wear OS and Tizen 2

Google promises that with the new OS, apps will launch 30% faster, with smooth UI animations. To increase battery life, the lower levels of the OS are optimized to use low-power hardware cores.

Also, third-party manufacturers will finally be able to add a customizable user interface to Wear OS. For example, Samsung watches will get a proprietary One UI shell on top of Wear OS.


In addition, you will have access to Googe Play to download apps directly from the watch. YouTube Music will appear on Wear OS “later this year” with features such as smart download, allowing subscribers to enjoy music on the go.

Best of Wear OS and Tizen 3

We also added a quick action feature — for example, just double-tap the screen to switch from one app to another, switch tracks, and so on. There will also be a piece of Fitbit in the new platform. For example, Wear OS will be able to track the user’s progress throughout the day. By the way, Fitbit will also use the new OS in its gadgets.

Source: Google

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