BioWare acknowledged that Anthem was in early access and postponed the promised updates.

BioWare postponed the promised updates for Anthem: After the release of Anthem, the developers released a “road map”, which told about the upcoming updates for the game.

The gamers were promised that in April they would receive new fortresses and events, but BioWare changed plans.

What is known?

A studio spokesman ran on Reddit and announced that developers are postponing the release of some innovations.

So, gamers will not soon receive tests of the fortress, the leaderboard, guilds, new activities, the system of skill and “Cataclysm”, which remains a mystery.

The new release date for updates BioWare not named.

They explained the transfer of priorities because, after the release, the developers then do what they patch Anthem.

At first, gamers noticed that the game was breaking consoles, and then they completely staged a boycott because of the reward system, so BioWare has something to do.

Note that the developers admitted that Anthem is in early access. Back in May 2018, EA executive director Andrew Wilson said that before the release the game would be sent to early access, and it seems that on February 22 gamers spent $ 60 to become beta testers.

Source: Reddit

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