BlackBerry Classic phones Stopped getting Service from January 4

Are you facing a problem using your Black Berry Classic phones, here is something important that you should know!

The firm discontinued support for its classic smartphones running BlackBerry 10 7.1 OS and older on Tuesday, January 4. This implies that any of its older devices that aren’t running Android OS won’t be able to use data, send text messages, browse the internet, or make calls, including 911 calls.

End of BlackBerry OS

Although most mobile users have moved on from BlackBerry, the latest update of the company’s operating system was released in 2013, the decision to stop support for its phones indicates the end of what was once considered cutting-edge technology.

The announcement was first disclosed in September 2020 as part of BlackBerry Limited’s attempts to focus on providing security software and services to organizations and governments throughout the world.

BlackBerry out of Market

BlackBerry has indeed been almost out of the phone market since 2016, however it has continued to license its name to phone manufacturers throughout the years, including TCL and, most recently, OnwardMobility, an Austin, Texas-based security company, for a 5G Blackberry handset running Android software.
The discontinuation of service does not affect BlackBerry’s Android smartphones.

BlackBerry’s Popularity

BlackBerry’s vintage cell phones featuring physical keyboards, which were popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s, were named “CrackBerries.” Professionals who sought the freedom of working outside of the office with some of the tools they used on a desktop computer liked the keyboard.

Excellent Security

Because of its excellent security reputation, the gadgets became a status symbol and staple for Wall Wall street, celebs like Kim Kardashian, and even President Barack Obama. BlackBerry has over 80 million active users at its peak in 2012.

Beginning of BlackBerry

The company began as Research In Motion in 1996, using two-way pagers as its first product. The “[email protected] Pager,” the company’s initial device, allowed clients to react to pages using a physical keyboard, making it a sort of email/text messaging hybrid. RIM launched the BlackBerry brand three years later with the BlackBerry 850.

Features of BlackBerry

BlackBerry phones eventually received features for email, apps, web browsing, and BBM, an encrypted text messaging network that predated WhatsApp and lasted long after BlackBerry was overtaken by its competitors.

BlackBerry Tried Android

However, the iPhone’s touchscreen revolution in 2007 made BlackBerry’s features look insufficient. It experimented with touch displays and keyboards that slide out but had little success.

It made a few phones that didn’t have a physical keyboard, but they lacked BlackBerry’s main differentiator: the tactile keyboard.

Finally Abandoned BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry finally abandoned its own software in favor of Android, which is layered with its security features. Enterprise security software and automotive software were two areas where it had some success.

TCL Discontinued Making BlackBerry

Despite the fact that TCL discontinued making BlackBerry smartphones in 2020, some enthusiasts are waiting for OnwardMobility’s BlackBerry 5G device, which was initially scheduled to ship in 2021. Even after the delay, it still has a banner on its website that claims “coming 2021.”

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