BOE announced 27-inch 1080p 500Hz+ Display, Breaking its own record!

Large-scale, high-resolution, and high refresh rate screens have drawn the attention of prominent manufacturers, and semiconductor display performance is experiencing an innovation boost.

Thanks to the growing demand for viewing display advancement and live broadcast of extensive and important events. The array driver technology is becoming increasingly important in the display technology business.

BOE has upped the stakes again with the announcement of a 1080p 500Hz refresh rate display. This display uses the company’s oxide semiconductor display technology, which enables extremely fast refresh rates.

A 110-inch 8K 120 Hz BOE screen was also unveiled. It’s unclear when these panels will be available to buy.

BOE announced a 480 Hz display targeting the games industry last year. The first 500 Hz panel focused on competitive gamers will be released this year by the Chinese panel manufacturer. This is a 27-inch panel with full HD resolution and 1ms of response time.

500 Hz panel from BOE, uses oxide semiconductor display technology, surpasses any other gaming monitor currently on the market. The fastest from Viewsonic, Asus, Acer, and Alienware max out at 360 Hz.

Whereas most gamers have upgraded to 1440p screens, ultra-competitive gaming continues to favor 1080p. This is most likely why BOE opted for FHD this time.

BOE has not yet revealed any plans to mass market the 500 Hz display, so it can be expected that it will hit the market before this display. This 500 Hz screen also supports 8-lane eDP and has an 8-bit output.

500 Hz will require the best Nvidia or AMD GPU available, and it will only be viable in non-texture-heavy eSports games. However, the high refresh rate comes with the extra benefit of lower latency, which should assist if your responses are in sync.

BOE recently launched the world’s first 110-inch 8K 120 Hz screen. However, no more details or pricing information are known yet about the same.

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