Boston Dynamics dog robot fired from NYPD for fueling racism and surveillance controversy

The Police Department of New York decided not to use in their work robot dog Spot Boston Dynamics company.


The police rented the robot and even gave it a name – Digidog. Despite the fact that it was planned to test it until August, the contract was terminated ahead of schedule, and the robot was returned to the manufacturer.

And this despite the fact that Spot took part in operations only a few times – when the criminals took people hostage and held them in the apartment and during the arrest of a certain man.

Boston Dynamics dog robot fired from NYPD 1

The reason lies in the negative reaction of residents and politicians – they considered the appearance of the “dog” too aggressive and frightening for the suspects. As explained by the Deputy Commissioner of Police of New York on exploration and the fight against terrorism, John Miller, the department changed his mind after the Spot has become a target for people who “have misused it to incite debate about race and surveillance”.

Critics have also raised concerns about potential privacy breaches. In turn, Boston Dynamics said that their robots are not designed to violence or intimidate people and animals.

Source: Engadget

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