Charging on phones with Unofficial Batteries will slow down by Xiaomi in China

Xiaomi appears to be focused on making headlines for the wrong reasons. Remember when Samsung and Apple were caught slowing down their phones due to ageing batteries and were even fined in Italy?

If the new finding by XDA Developers is any indication, Xiaomi is on the verge of doing something similar.

The XDA guys hasd discovered a piece of code in the recently released Mi Security software version 5.6.0 that adds new battery care and charging options. If the MIUI OS detects that the smartphone has a “unauthorized” battery installed under the hood, the settings indicate that Xiaomi will issue a warning and reduce the charging speed.

Only approved service providers should replace the phone’s battery, according to the warning prompt. There’s also the risk of damaging the gadget or harming the user if you use a “unauthorized” battery.

This new warning will only be available to customers in China, according to the code, and will be limited to the Mi 9, Mi 10, and Mi 10 Pro. Thankfully, owners of the impacted models or any other Xiaomi phone in other areas will not see the alert. However, it is unclear whether the warning has begun to influence users of the devices in China.

Charging on phones with Unofficial Batteries will slow down by Xiaomi 2

We can’t tell for sure whether Xiaomi would do the same thing in other areas in the future, but we feel there are valid reasons for it. The devices in issue have fast charging technology, and third-party batteries, some of which may be subpar, may not be able to keep up with the fast charging pace. This might lead to battery enlargement, overheating, or leaking, which could lead to fire and other risks.

But giving a warning one thing, and cutting down the charging pace of the phones is quite another. Naturally, replacing it with a third-party battery violates any warranty that the consumers may have.

As a result, Xiaomi isn’t meant to be held accountable for any harm that may occur, especially when there are plenty of decent third-party accessories available. Furthermore, even in China, where Xiaomi accessories are in high demand, acquiring a battery replacement from an authorized service facility may be difficult.

There’s no word on how Xiaomi will identify third-party batteries in phones, but Apple’s own warning is triggered by a micro controller that can only be programmed by Apple specialists.
It’s conceivable that Xiaomi is using the same system.

Xiaomi is expected to release a statement explaining why they chose this approach and whether or not this functionality would be rolled out to other regions outside of China, such as Europe and India.

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