China has banned the bloody games and mahjong

China banned bloody games and mahjong: China has announced new rules that will ban certain categories of games. Under the ban came the game with blood and corpses, mahjong and poker, as well as games based on the country’s imperial past.

What is the reason?

The State Administration of Press and Publications is concerned about violence and gambling among young people. Therefore, now gamers will not be able to play poker or mahjong, as well as any killing games.

Blood was already banned in games, but the developers were able to circumvent this by changing its color. However, this will no longer work.

China has long been trying to deal with gambling addiction teenagers. Back in 2007, he introduced a policy that limits the amount of time and money that minors can spend on a game.

But there is good news. It lies in the fact that now developers know what they are dealing with since the approval process in China was previously very opaque.

Source: Engadget

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