Chrome & Edge audio problem: Microsoft and Google are working on audio issues

Chrome & Edge audio problem: The two tech companies Google and Microsoft are errors on the track in Chrome and Edge users to audio problems on YouTube lead. In addition to various user errors, third-party drivers, in particular, should be able to lead to audio failures under Windows.

As Google developer Dale Curtis reports (via Windows Latest ), YouTube support receives hundreds of reports every day about sound problems, which is 95 percent of cases are said to affect Windows users who use the platform with the two Chromium browsers Chrome or Edge use.

From faulty audio playback to complete muting, there are various problems that Google and Microsoft are now trying to fix together. From the search engine giant’s point of view, there are three possible sources of error.

  • User Error: A user can accidentally put YouTube in a silent state.
  • Operating system problems: Accidental switching of devices falls into this error category. If the user z. B. owns 2x DP / HDMI monitors with only one audio connection, the output device can (possibly unintentionally) switch between the two.
  • Driver problems: Drivers – including those from third-party providers – can cause the audio output to hang. Of course, Windows is the only consumer desktop operating system with ODM integration. Higher peripheral port rates (HDMI monitors with independent volume, USB sound cards, etc.) create additional opportunities for audio dropouts.

Microsoft is also starting work on the problems

After Curtis’ suggestion of cooperation between YouTube and Microsoft in order to fix the errors as quickly as possible, the Redmond-based company also took on the problem.

The first idea of the Microsoft developer Samuel Dallstream seems to be to make the status of the volume within Chromium browsers more visible.

Many driver-independent problems seem to be due to the fact that users have either forgotten to unmute Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge or reset the levels personalized in the volume mixer to normal.

It is not yet clear at this point in time which solutions are being considered for errors on the driver side.

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