Cost to repair Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra pricing looks daunting.

Despite the fact that Xiaomi is trying to continue to produce smartphones that are competitive in terms of characteristics and price, its flagship models are now much more expensive than before.

This fact disappointed many, but given the increased cost of components that make up top-end devices, this step looks justified. It is logical that the prices for the replacement of components were also not the lowest.

Today it became known that replacing the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra motherboard will cost $367 and for this money, you can buy a brand new Redmi K40. If any problems arise with the screen, then you should be ready to spend $252 to replace it. Failure of the rear camera can cost the user $ 209.

Against the background of such price tags, replacing the battery seems like a trifle – $27. Replacing the battery cover will cost $64 and the front camera $13. Additional fees and charges will be $15.

It is worth noting that in China, buyers of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra can issue the MiCare warranty. The terms of the program provide for free screen replacement twice within 2 years. There is also the option of extending the warranty by 1 year for a small fee.

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