Do Galaxy Buds Pro headphones cause ear infections? Samsung responded to user complaints

Some of the owners of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headphones claim that they are harmful to health.


According to users, after wearing headphones, they have various painful sensations in the ears, sometimes even with inflammation and suppuration. They suspect that this may be caused by the size of the earbuds — perhaps they are too large, so they cause discomfort and excessive sweating. On the other hand, the manufacturer offers several pairs of ear pads of different sizes, including the smallest ones that should not press.

Do Galaxy Buds Pro headphones cause ear infections

At the same time, Samsung has already released a statement in response to user complaints. The company emphasizes that its products have been tested according to international standards and do not contain harmful substances. Headphones can contain traces of acrylate, while stainless steel parts contain nickel, so anyone who is allergic to these materials should avoid using them.

Samsung also says that if there is a possibility of discomfort caused by the size of the earbuds, users should regularly clean and disinfect the earbuds to keep the ear canal dry.

Source: SamMobile

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