Dogecoin Has Gone Up Again Because of What This Person Can’t Do Without Twitter

Created for the sake of a meme, the Dogecoin cryptocurrency has soared again (at least for a meme currency, this is an achievement) by more than 25% in a day. Now “dogs” can be bought for a little more than $ 0.5 a piece. The total turnover of coins for the first time reached a record $10 billion.

What’s all the fuss about?

Experts attribute the changes to the recent activity of Elon Musk: Tesla refused to pay in bitcoins, on a recent live broadcast and on Twitter, the billionaire called Dogecoin “promising”, and a few days ago someone bought a brand-new Tesla for the same “meme” money.

Moreover, Musk himself is working with the creator of Dogecoin to optimize and speed up all processes related to the production and transfer of cryptocurrency. Who knows, maybe it’s already worth buying dogs before they overtake Bitcoin?

Source: Gizmodo

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