Epic Games Store Mega Sale has infuriated developers with big discounts

Epic Games Store Mega Sale: Last week, a mega-sale started at Epic Games Store. The store offered not only good prices for games but also an additional discount of $ 10 to users. Gamers liked this idea, but the developers were unhappy.

What is known?

For example, Supergiant Games temporarily raised the price for Hades. Before the start of the sale, the game was given away for $ 17, and with a discount, gamers could take it away for $ 7.

The developers didn’t like it, so they raised the base price to $ 25, selling Hades for $ 15 already, including the discount.

Now Supergiant Games have completely removed the project from the mega-sale, lowering the price to the base.

Some developers have completely removed their games from the store. For example, Borderlands 3 no longer flaunts the digital storefront, and the pre-order button has disappeared on the project page. In other cases, Epic Games Store simply cut or removed the discount.

Such actions claim to be strange because Epic Games has promised to compensate for the difference in price. As the developer, John Wick Hex, put it, “Yeah, we get paid in full… this is Epic paying towards your bar tab, not the drinks being cheaper.”

Compensation concerns both pre-orders and purchases of already released games, and in this case, developers who have refused to participate in the sale, it is difficult to understand. Perhaps the “epic” did not warn other developers or similar conditions have become exclusive to the creators of John Wick Hex.

Source: Gameinformer

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