Face ID unlock with mask will only work for iPhone 12 and above

The mask on the face after the corona times brings one more challenges for the iPhone users, that they weren’t able to unlock the iPhone with the Face ID, as the feature was not compatible with face masks on.

But the company is now make it a ready with few workarounds, the Face ID that works with mask on. However there’s a cathch, that this feature will only work on the iPhone 12 and later models of the iPhones.

The feature needs “advancements in the TrueDepth camera system,” according to Apple’s explanation. And it appears that the iPhone 11’s Face ID system isn’t powerful enough. Unfortunately, this mask-unlocking feature isn’t compatible with iPad Pros at the present as well.

For the other iPhones, If Face ID detects you’re wearing a mask, Apple has enhanced it speedier to bring up the passcode screen in just a few seconds.

How will Face ID unlock with mask work?

Apple is now testing this with the public beta of iOS 15.4, and it will be available to all consumers in the following months. Face ID is based on new algorithms that are trained to identify areas around the eye region to unlock your smartphone.

The company claims that the security levels of this new feature are the same as Face ID without a mask, with a 1 in 1,000,000 tries error rate.

When you try to unlock your iPhone from an angle, it can currently recognize your face. Nevertheless, if you want it to work perfectly while wearing a mask, you’ll have to look at the iPhone directly.

Will this feature works with Glasses on?

Even if you’re wearing glasses, you’ll be able to unlock your phone with a mask in the latest version of Face ID. Although it’s best to scan your entire face with glasses when you first start, you can always add spectacles afterwards.

Apple will allow up to four pairs of eyeglasses with each enrollment for security reasons.

How to use Face ID unlock with mask feature in iPhone 12 or later?

If you’re eager to try out this new feature, sign up for the iOS public beta and download iOS 15.4. More information about installing a beta version on your phone can be found here.

If you do not wish to do so, you may have to wait a bit until the update is available.

Image-Credit: 9to5Mac

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