Falling demand: Apple cuts production of AirPods headphones by 25-30%

The Nikkei Asia publication, citing its own sources in the supply chain, reported that Apple has reduced orders for the production of its AirPods wireless headphones.

What’s wrong?

If initially there was a plan to release 110 million pairs this year, now this volume has been reduced by 25-30% — to 75-85 million copies.

According to the interlocutors, the reason lies in the increased competition with other major brands, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, which often have more favorable offers.

Nevertheless, Apple remains the market leader in wireless headphones, although it loses its position over time. So, in 2018, its share was 60%, in 2019-47%, and in 2020 it decreased to 35%.

Recall that this year the company should introduce a new model of headphones — the third generation of AirPods with a design like the AirPods Pro.

Source: Nikkei Asia


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