Fitbit Luxe New fitness tracker with stainless steel housing to be seen in advance from Google

The US manufacturer Fitbit, which specializes in fitness trackers and smartwatches, will shortly be launching the Fitbit Luxe, which it claims to be the “most elegant” fitness and wellness tracker to date. We have the first information and official pictures.

The Fitbit Luxe should not only ensure with an attractive design, but also a whole range of useful and sometimes new functions that the well-being and fitness of the wearer is guaranteed. Fitbit is obviously aiming for a noble look, which is why they rely on a metal housing made of polished stainless steel, among other things.

With the Fitbit Luxe, the manufacturer wants to use an OLED display and uses a very classic buckle clasp for the bracelet, as has been known from normal watches for centuries. The straps are interchangeable, so Fitbit should, as usual, also offer an extensive range of replacement straps.

Fitbit Luxe Black

  • Fitbit Luxe Black
  • Fitbit Luxe Black 2
  • Fitbit Luxe Black 3
  • Fitbit Luxe Black 4
  • Fitbit Luxe Black 5
  • Fitbit Luxe Black 6

Fitbit Luxe Soft Gold/White

  • Fitbit Luxe Gold White
  • Fitbit Luxe Gold White 2
  • Fitbit Luxe Gold White 3
  • Fitbit Luxe Gold White 4
  • Fitbit Luxe Gold White 5

Fitbit Luxe Soft Platinum/orchid

  • Fitbit Luxe Platinum Orchids
  • Fitbit Luxe Platinum Orchids 2
  • Fitbit Luxe Platinum Orchids 3
  • Fitbit Luxe Platinum Orchids 4
  • Fitbit Luxe Platinum Orchids 5

Unfortunately, we do not yet have any information on the resolution of the display in the Fitbit Luxe or other technical details such as the battery life. Presumably, however, the device is very similar to the Fitbit Ace 3, which was launched a few weeks ago. Functionally, the Fitbit Luxe should in any case ensure “balanced health in an elegant design”.

Fitbit Luxe on the arm

This includes that Fitbit naturally integrates a heart rate monitor, among other things. Sleep and activity tracking are just as much a part of the range of functions as stress monitoring. During one of the numerous supported workout variants, the tracker informs with vibrations when the desired heart rate zone has been reached.

Fitbit Luxe on the arm 2
Via the GPS module of the smartphone connected to the tracker, the Luxe can of course also be used while running or cycling. The Fitbit Luxe can also do a good job when swimming, as the case is, as always, certified as waterproof and thus protected against the ingress of moisture.

We do not yet know when and at what price the Fitbit Luxe will be launched. The device will be available in black, soft gold/white and platinum/orchid. Other color variations are quite conceivable.

Fitbit Luxe Price and when to expect?

The Fitbit Luxe announcement should take place in the near future. For the novelty, presumably, they will ask for about $ 80.

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