Foldable Smartphones Price will significantly drop by 2021

Foldable Smartphones Price will significantly drop by 2021: Recently, folding smartphones have become a popular technology among manufacturers, but the market is not very interested in this smartphone because of its “high” price in most cases.

What is Known?

At the moment, Samsung and Huawei have released two foldable smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Fold costs $ 1980, while the Huawei Mate X was released in Barcelona for € 2299 / $ 2590 (it supports 5G). This high price remains the biggest problem and it makes the phone hard to marketable. However, In the future, there may be some hope.

Foldable Smartphones Price will significantly drop by 2021

What manufacturer has to say?

Manufacturers of flexible screens know that the high price of folding phones is an obstacle for the market, so some of them are already working to reduce the price of the display. In particular, the Chinese manufacturer of flexible screens BOE (supplier of Huawei Mate X) said that the price of folding phones in the coming years will fall significantly.

Zhang Yu, Senior Vice President of BOE, said in an interview that by 2021 the price of folding smartphones will fall to about 10,000 yuan ($ 1490). Most likely, Huawei will soon make smart TVs. It is reported that the current cost of 55-inch 4K TV panels BOE is about $ 200, and Zhang Yu does not deny that Huawei has purchased TV screens from BOE.

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