Future Android version can record conversations, forward them to another SIM card

Future Android version can record conversations: You would almost forget it, but smartphones are sometimes used to make calls. With future Android versions, the calling experience may be better, among other things because you can record conversations more easily and also forward calls to another SIM.

Recording functionality in Android

Recording phone calls yourself is planned for future versions of Android, XDA Developers discovered. A user of the Android Q beta placed a request for this feature via the feedback app and received a response from Google that this is being worked on.

“Our development team has been adding call recording APIs on their road map. It’s something that we would like to address in a future version of Android. However, due to the security and privacy implications of such APIs, it is not something we can deliver for the Q release.”

The question is when this recording option will be available. In addition, there are quite a few snags in recording telephone conversations. For example, in many countries, it is only permitted to record a conversation if you have explicit prior permission from all conversation partners. Google may choose to automatically disable the option in such countries.

Smart forwarding of phone calls between SIMs

In addition, Google seems to be working on an option for automatically forwarding a phone call to other SIM cards. If the connection is poor on the network of one provider, your Android device can automatically make the call go through the other connection. References to this feature were also discovered by XDA Developers in the source code of Android.

The feature is useful for times like network coverage problem, or for users who live across the borders. This feature redirects all your calls from an unreachable network number to the working one. But you should keep in mind that, this feature only works if one of the sims from dual sim has network coverage while receiving the call, if both the sim is out of range then this feature will not work.

This feature is called “Smart Forwarding,” or “Smart Forwarding.” This option is probably part of Android Q, the final version of which will appear in August or September.

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